7:30 am Breakfast & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Amy Marks Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk

Refining Your Prefab Strategy

8:10 am Embracing Digitalization & Innovation: Do We Need to Redefine Our Approaches in Pharma Based on the Advances in Prefab Construction?

8:50 am Benchmarking Market Specific Challenges & Opportunities to Further Innovate Prefabricated Assemblies*


*Please note, this session will only be available to physical pass holders

9:20 am Stop Reinventing the Wheel!: Benchmarking Best Practices to Explore & Define the Right Prefabrication Opportunities For Your Project

  • Shawn Maley Senior Associate, Stantec
  • Suzie Hall Founder & President, The Cornerstone Collective
  • Jim Barrett Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, Turner Construction Company
  • Marin Pastar Global Technology Leader, Vertical Information Modeling, Jacobs
  • Taylor Hamblett Design Innovation & Integration Specialist, McCarthy Building Companies
  • Jody Seubert Director of Prefabrication, Suburban Electric

10:00 am Addressing the Welder Shortage Crisis: How to Change the Crisis into an Opportunity to Win More Projects, Deliver Projects Faster & Gain a Competitive Advantage

10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Day Two - Track 1: Single-Trade Prefabrication: Production & Logistics

Ensuring Quality of Production

11:15 am Enhancing the Quality of Your Prefabricated Panels & Exterior Wall Systems

  • Peter Babaian Principal , Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger Inc.
  • Chris Grey Senior Project Manager – Building Technology, Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger

12:00 pm Setting up a Robust Design through Installation Tracking Process to Maximize Transparency of Production

12:40 pm Lunch Break

Transportation & Installation

1:30 pm Benchmarking Best Practices for Shipping & Protection of Large Assemblies

2:15 pm Bridging the Gap Between Shop & Field to Better Inform Quality Installation

  • Corey Gill Director of Production, Way Engineering

2:55 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Day Two - Track 2: DfMA, BIM & VDC Workflows

From Coordination to Fabrication

11:15 am Aligning Prefabrication, Field & Technology Teams Through BIM to Streamline Design Decision Making

12:00 pm Creating a Digital Thread From Model Development Through Production

  • Daniel Clarke Digital Fabrication Team Leader, Island Exterior Fabricators
  • Alan Tai Digital Design & Practice Leader, Island Exterior Fabricators

12:40 pm Lunch Break

The Future of Digitalization

1:30 pm STONEPILE Construction College: Building Higher Education Programs That Embrace Industrialization & Digitalization to Take Construction Talent Into a New Age

  • Chip Parsley Director of Prefabricated Solutions, Poynter Sheet Metal
  • Alex Grace CEO, Grace Construction Consultants
  • Dr Garry Vermaas Institutional Director, STONEPILE Construction College

2:15 pm Harnessing Advanced Installation Verification Tools to Ensure Location Quality in Our Digital Twin

  • Chris Heger Chief Innovation Officer, OAC Services Inc

2:55 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Day Two - Track 3: Multi-Trade Collaboration

Evolving the ROI of Prefabrication

11:15 am Building a Prefabrication-Reliant Business Model to Derive Long-Term ROI & Seamless Installation

  • Nancy Novak Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Data Centers

12:00 pm Case Study: McLaren Greater Lansing Part 2: Assessing the Evolution of the Project & Critical Lessons Learned for Future Success

  • Dan Medrano VP, McLaren Healthcare
  • Colin Martin Project Director , Barton Malow / Christman JV
  • Kevin Dettling Mid-Michigan Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President, Limbach Inc
  • Keith Berry Senior Project Manager, Barton Malow / Christman JV
  • Eric Wingelaar Project Manager, Harley Ellis Devereaux
  • Bob Gallagher MEP & Prefabrication Project Manager, Barton Malow/ Christman JV

12:40 pm Lunch Break

Coordinating Installation on the Jobsite

1:30 pm Harnessing a Lean Planning Approach to Maximize Multi-Trade Prefabrication on The Oak Hill Hospital Expansion Project

  • Rob Crotty AVP Capital Productivity & Strategy, HCA Healthcare
  • Cheryl Saale Vice President & Director of Construction Administration , Gould Turner Group, PLC
  • Michael Coleman Senior Project Manager, Lean Practitioner , Gilbane Building Company
  • Michelle Leonard VDC Manager, Gilbane Building Company

2:15 pm Utilizing Time Studies to Improve the Cost & Speed of Installing Multiple Prefabricated Assemblies

  • Stephen Gibson Continuous Improvement Project Manager, IC Thomasson Associates

2:55 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Day Two - Track 4: Volumetric Modular

Optimizing Connections & Module Alignment

11:15 am Utilizing Site Scanning Technology & Advanced Model Development to Mitigate Risk & Expedite Schedules for Volumetric Projects

  • Stuart Muerer President, Windover Construction
  • Amr Raafat Vice President of VDC & Technology, Windover Construction

12:00 pm Benchmarking Best Practices for Transportation, Installation & Integration of Modules in the Field

12:40 pm Lunch Break

What’s Next for Modular Construction?

1:30 pm Case Study: Evolving Our System to Adapt to Different Geographies & Meet the Needs of a Global Client Base

2:15 pm Harnessing Modularization to Radically Innovate Hyperscale Data Center Construction in China

2:55 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Day Two - Track 5: Program, Planning & Operational Considerations

Optimizing Design Workflows

11:15 am Underlining How the Real Estate Owner Can Set the Stage for Successful Information Management & Modularization From Day One

12:00 pm Mapping Out More Efficient, Collaborative Design Workflows

12:40 pm Lunch Break

The Perspective of the Serial Owner

1:30 pm The Serial Builder’s Path to Industrialization: Developing a Playbook Mentality

2:15 pm Leveraging Architectural Wall Panels for Prefab Construction

  • Chris Tate Segment Manager - Hospitality Division, Nichiha USA

2:55 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Opening Up Doors For More Ambitious Prefabrication

3:40 pm Industrialized Construction in the Age of Pandemics

4:20 pm Panel: Building a Roadmap for Industrialization in the Next 5 Years: What Do You Need to Be Ready For?

4:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Amy Marks Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk

5:00 pm End of Conference