Advancing Prefabrication Is Over for Another Year. Thank You to All Speakers, Attendees & Sponsors for Making This Year’s Event the Best Yet.

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Advancing Prefabrication is North America’s premier networking and thought leadership conference dedicated to revolutionizing prefabrication, modular and industrialized manufacturing approaches across the AEC supply chain. Join over 1200 of the industry’s leading prefabricators, contractors, clients and design partners moving the needle and discover how you can improve your business, leveraging cutting-edge industrialized strategies and techniques to build faster, more safely, and to a higher quality across all projects.

As the industry reaches an inflection point with more clients and contractors than ever committing themselves to productization and supply chain transformation, now is the time to unite with hundreds of industry leaders from every stakeholder to determine how your company will thrive in this new ecosystem.

Highlights for the 7th Annual Advancing Prefabrication 2023:

Pre-Event Workshop Series

This year’s workshop timetable will be dedicated to building a roadmap for companies at different stages of their industrialized construction journey. You’ll have the choice of attending workshops targeted at:

Advancing Prefabrication: The Bootcamp! (beginner)
Establishing Your Prefabrication Capabilities (novice)
Scaling & Optimizing Your Productization Capabilities (intermediate)
Pushing the Boundaries of Industrialized Construction Innovation (advanced)

Not only will this give your people the targeted learning they need, you’ll have the chance to benchmark directly with peers of similar experience levels. Alongside these workshops, you will also find the Executive’s Focus Day, enabling those driving the vision for their organization to hear the successes, failures, and discuss critical learnings to shape their own strategic IC roadmap.

Offsite Facility Tours

In 2023, not only will our offsite tours give your team the opportunity to see the inner working of Arizona’s top facilities, for the first time ever you will also be able to visit a completed project pushing the boundaries of
sustainability and prefabrication.

Take your pick from attending W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors facility, Digital Building Components/SurePods Facility, or Arizona State University’s $192 million Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building 7 to discover how each team is finding the harmony between traditional construction and new manufacturing methodologies.

Beware – places are limited – and so make sure that you and your team move quickly to secure your places early to avoid disappointment!

Seven Tracks of Specialist Content

Our new comprehensive roadmap of tracks will provide every member of the project team with the in-depth insights they need to take your prefabrication strategy and operations to the next level:

1. Owner Playbook, Programming & Project Set-Up
2. Pre-Planning, Design & Preconstruction
3. BIM, Data & Digital Workflows
4. Prefabrication Facilities & Workflows
5. IC Manufacturing & Productization
6. IC Project & Field Management
7. Structural Prefabrication & Volumetric Modular

Attend with a group to make the most of the full range of insights being shared this year and secure one of our registration discounts!

Post Event Market Specific Focus Days 

If you are a client, project leader or company with a specific market niche, these market focus days are for you.

You will have a unique opportunity to come together with your market-specific ecosystem to explore the cutting edge applications, technologies and workflows taking prefab and modular to the next level on projects.

1. Data Centers & Mission Critical
2. Healthcare
3. Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing
4. Hospitality, Multi-Family & Commercial

Dozens of Hours of Networking with Hundreds of Industry Leaders 

Whether at drinks, over lunch, or in a more organized breakout session, this conference offers you unparalleled access to this industry’s industrialized construction leaders.

Every year, hundreds of Owners, Designers, Contractors, Trades and Modular firms gather in one room to share best practices.

This is your chance to share your struggles, experiences, and get practical advice on how you can take the next step in a room of hundreds of like-minded individuals ready to revolutionize our industry with industrialized construction.

‘This event has developed into the premier event for the entire construction industry as it relates to a platform for Prefabrication. There is no other venue that is so involved in seeking out the innovators, leaders and motivators that are changing the construction industry.’

Marty Corrado, General Superintendent, JE Dunn Construction Company

‘The Advancing Prefabrication event hits on all the current trends we see effecting our business. Delivery methods, technology, modular, and offsite prefab are all changing the way we bring buildings to market and each topic had an industry leader with a recent project-based story to tell. The talks at this event are focused on actual jobs and companies, are interactive, and setup in tracks so you can confidently cover what matters to your business. I was so impressed with the experience on display that I’m bringing a team to the next one…’

David Pikey, VP Technology, The Hill Group

‘As CEO of a global design firm, the opportunities to respond to changing market conditions and delivery models are expansive. Listening and engaging at Advancing Prefabrication will provide signals of these great opportunities and connectivity with new collaborators. I’m excited to return as a speaker to see if we’ve advanced breaking down barriers, talk about newly identified challenges and participate in knowledge-sharing with the many prefab and modular leaders.’

Bradley Lukanic, CEO, CannonDesign

‘The conference was a fantastic assembly of people dedicated to prefabrication and modular construction sharing ideas freely for the betterment of the industry.’

Principal, O’Donnell + Naccarato

‘The conference is on a continuous improvement program each year and it is a great mix of designers, contractors, subcontrators and fabricators sharing ideas.’

Associate Principal, S A Miro