‘This event has developed into the premier event for the entire construction industry as it relates to a platform for Prefabrication. There is no other venue that is so involved in seeking out the innovators, leaders and motivators that are changing the construction industry.’ – Marty Corrado, General Superintendent, JE Dunn Construction Company

‘The Advancing Prefabrication event hits on all the current trends we see effecting our business. Delivery methods, technology, modular, and offsite prefab are all changing the way we bring buildings to market and each topic had an industry leader with a recent project-based story to tell. The talks at this event are focused on actual jobs and companies, are interactive, and setup in tracks so you can confidently cover what matters to your business. I was so impressed with the experience on display that I’m bringing a team to the next one…’ – David Pikey, VP Technology, The Hill Group

‘As CEO of a global design firm, the opportunities to respond to changing market conditions and delivery models are expansive. Listening and engaging at Advancing Prefabrication will provide signals of these great opportunities and connectivity with new collaborators. I’m excited to return as a speaker to see if we’ve advanced breaking down barriers, talk about newly identified challenges and participate in knowledge-sharing with the many prefab and modular leaders.’ – Bradley Lukanic, CEO, CannonDesign

‘The conference was a fantastic assembly of people dedicated to prefabrication and modular construction sharing ideas freely for the betterment of the industry.’ – Principal, O’Donnell + Naccarato

‘The conference is on a continuous improvement program each year and it is a great mix of designers, contractors, subcontrators and fabricators sharing ideas.’ – Associate Principal, S A Miro

‘Great conference to network with thought leaders in our industry from other specialty contractors, suppliers, construction managers, owners and designers. There is a wealth of information and experience available to everyone.’ – President, Southern Air

‘Awesome display of the firms with true innovation at the core of their core purpose. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. #buildsomething’ – SVP Business Development, Starr Electric

‘The experience got me really engaged and excited to drive the movement forward!’ – Project Manager, The Boldt Company

‘I enjoyed the conference, being surrounded by those that offer similar services to mine. It is good to hear what other people are doing, to understand how they handled similar situations to those that we face at our company.’ – Global CPS Business and Process Manager, Vitaulic

‘Great event! It was our first and I really enjoyed the whole package…’ – Operations Manager, Spawglass

‘I learned too much to retain. I wish my colleagues would have joined me. It was inspiring being in a room with over 300 people who share the same passion as you!’ – VDC Director, Snell Services Inc

‘Had a great conference with my team, learned a lot. This conference was an eye opener, on a new approach on how we should look at things to be more efficient/profitable. Thank you very much’ – Horsepower Electric

‘This conference is GREAT!’ – Project Manager, FL Crane & Sons

‘It’s amazing to see all the technology that is out there. It’s definitely a eye opener we need to change or get left behind. Digitization is here!!!’ – Electrical Prefab Coordinator, Southern-Air Inc

‘Thank You. We left with a full head of steam and are ready to push hard to achieve the next level.’ –Prefab Manager, Tri-M Group

‘Great job. I have attended several conferences and this was among the best.’ – Division President, F L Crane & Sons

I had a really good time at the conference, and the Hanson Wade Team did a fantastic job in organizing and getting the conference running smoothly, one of the most well organized shows I’ve been to.’ – Lead Estimator, PCL Construction

It was my first time to attend a pre-fab [meeting], so I learn a lot. I think over the next few years as we figure out the prefab and modularity, the conference will only be more powerful.’ – Director of Construction Services, Chick-Fil-A Inc

‘The conference was very well run and well worth attending, the staff running the conference was top notch!’ – Senior MEP Manager, Shawmut Design & Construction

‘This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Organization and timeliness was upheld throughout and the material was extremely thought provoking and relevant.’ – Project Estimator, Haselden Construction

‘This was a great reminder that other companies are going through the same things we are. The benefit of learning from these companies is that all of us do not have to make the same mistakes, we can continuously improve together.’ – Prefabrication Manager, Houle Electric

‘The conference brought together a diverse group of industry folks all after the same thing – improved efficiency, always good when a group like this has a common goal to strive for and a sincere interest to learn more about it.’ – Project Executive, Hunt Construction Group

‘The presentations were substantive, reflecting advanced preparation and consideration of what would be valuable to the audience – good content, good discussion topics and, best of all, collaborative and knowledgeable people.’ – SVP Operational Excellence, Gilbane Building Company

‘The focus on 21st Century challenges, markets, tools, and opportunities made this one of the most relevant conferences on this topic that I’ve shared in. the topics and speakers helped to reinforce and reinvigorate our implementation of Lean and Agile principles.’ Fabrication Manager, VECA Electric & Technologies

‘This conference was very informative. It really grabbed my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. I know where we stand and what I can do as a contractor to make sure I stay ahead of the curve.’ – Prefab Manager, Price Electric

Even though I have already managed the construction of a self-supporting full modular building, attending Hanson Wade’s Advancing Prefabrication opened my eyes to an aspect that I was unaware and which could have drastically reduced the project schedule if I had known about MEPS prefabricated frames. Had I known about same previously, I would have constructed the building’s 14 vertical full height riser shafts utilizing the MEPS prefabricated frames which was one of the more time consuming & constricting aspects of this hotel building.’ – VP Construction

‘This pre-fab seminar was the best seminar I have ever attended. More often than not seminars tend to lean more towards a sales pitch, or companies bragging about what they do and never truly teaching anything under the guise of trade secrets. This seminar was more about showing what you have learned and help others get there as well. Very well done.’ – VDC/BIM Manager, SikHi Enterprises