Highlights from Advancing Prefab 2020

Gathering over 700 industry leaders in Dallas, 2020's program was more diverse and packed than ever to give you exactly what you need to get ahead with your offsite construction program in 2020 and beyond!

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Just Getting Started with Offsite Construction?...

We know not everyone has started their journey with prefabrication and modular, and so if you are looking for education on how to partner, design, or set-up operations, this year we have dedicated sessions throughout the program that will deliver a deeper dive into every aspect of this process. Hear stories from Owners, Trades and Modular firms alike on how they kick-started success with their team, and learn how to transform your business strategy this year.

... Or Are You Looking to Take Your Strategy to the Next Level?

Others in the industry are pushing the fold with the size and scale of prefabrication on their projects. We recognize that for you, the next step is rooting prefabrication at the heart of your strategy and culture. Yet there still remain so many barriers and uncertainties to figuring out the best strategy for your organization. Join a diverse group of business executives as we explore different options, and help raise the bar for your entire team in 2020 and beyond.

Global Spotlights

Following our spotlight on how the Singapore Building Authority are ramping up their program last year, 2020 will see more diverse global representation than ever before. With spotlights from Canada, Poland, UK, and more, we will be lifting the lid on what it means to be a player in this global market place and get inspired by these front runners to take your company onto the international stage.

See Prefabrication & Modular in Action!

We’re delighted to be opening the doors to TDIndustries, Factory Blue, Baker Triangle, or Modular Power Solutions this year for you to see with your own eyes what’s being achieved by some of the region’s top facilities! You’ll get exposure to streamlining production lines, coordinating transportation and logistics, cutting-edge projects and more…

Make sure you grab one of the limited places we have on offer because they will sell out fast.

Optimizing Planning & Design

As more and more owners are beginning to embrace prefabrication and modular, it’s imperative we figure out how to best set up projects for success to maximize overall profitability. This year, our fifth track will take a deep dive into how more owners and architects can become effective leaders, design with prefab in mind, and better engage from day one with project partners to build faster, smarter, and ultimately save money.

If you are an owner or architect, this track of dedicated sessions is what you need to become an industry trailblazer in 2020!