Offsite Tours Program

Running alongside this year’s workshops taking place Tuesday, April 26, this year's offsite facility tours will give your team the opportunity to see the inner working of Arizona’s top facilities and see how you can take your own operations to the next level

Choose to visit state-of-the-art facilities of either Rosendin Electric, Z Modular or Digital Building Components / SurePods that will guide you through every step of the setting up, streamlining, operations and output of these production facilities to see how different firms are beginning to find harmony between traditional construction and new manufacturing methodologies.

Explore the options and pick the right tour for your team:


Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Tour 1 (April 26 9-11am)

Rosendin Tour 2 (April 26 12-2pm)

Rosendin Electric is an employee-owned electrical contractor. With revenues approaching $2 billion, it is one of the country’s largest electrical contractors employing over 7,000 people. For more than 100 years, Rosendin has created a reputation for building quality electrical and communications installations, building value for clients, and building people within the company.

Please Note: These tours are the same tour, repeated. 


Z Modular

Z Modular Tour 1 (April 26 9-11am):

sold out

Z Modular Tour 2 (April 26 12-2pm):

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Z Modular Tour 3 (April 26 3-5pm):

sold out

Z Modular is a one-stop shop for modular buildings and services, offering a more complete factory solution than other offsite construction systems. They will help you reduce the cost of design, fabrication and building assembly with fully finished modular buildings. Z Modular are a division of Zekelman Industries, the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America. With a standardized production process that reduces risk, eliminates waste and enhances ROI for their customers, Zekelman’s mission to MAKE IT eZ
for their customers.

Please Note: These tours are the same tour, repeated. 


Digital Building Components / SurePods


DBC/SurePods Tour 1 (April 26 12-2pm)

DBC/SurePods Tour 2 (April 26 3-5pm)

Digital Building Components brings manufacturing to the construction industry by fabricating components directly from coordinated models using digital fabrication. Their product-oriented approach allows for efficient standardization of production for multiple project types, ranging from student housing, data centers, hospitality, and healthcare. The fabrication plant in Phoenix, Arizona serves as a hub from which to service clients nationwide.

SurePods is a North American leader of factory-built bathroom pods. Since 2004, SurePods has been crafting modular bathroom units, making SurePods the longest producing pod company in the nation. SurePods supports commercial projects in the healthcare, hospitality, and residential markets. To date, over 20,000 bathroom pods have been installed around the United States and Canada.

Please Note: These tours are the same tour, repeated. 

Each tour will run for two hours plus transfer time to and from the facility. Transfers will be provided to and from the convention center, and so please see the email from your event manager for the time of departure and meeting point.

However, places are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Tickets will only be sold with physical attendance passes, at a cost of $250 each. Each attendee can book a maximum of three tour tickets each, one to each location.

These tours are a fantastic opportunity to take your experience to the next level and get hands on with the systems and approaches that are going to drive your operations into the future. We hope you’ll join us!

‘The site tour was worth the price of admission alone. Fantastic company and fantastic presentations, very professional. If next year's conference incorporates a similar sized or larger MEP contractor site visit as well versed, then my company will be back for sure...with more attendees.’ Sheet Metal Department Manager – B&I Contractors

For more information and booking details, please see our FAQs Page here.