Offsite Tours Program

In addition to the main conference and workshops program, in 2020, Advancing Prefabrication will be offering an entire series of offsite tours for you and your team to choose from. Whether wanting to visit a mechanical, electrical, walling contractor, or even modular solution, we have a tour for you.

Choose between 9 bespoke tours that will guide you through every step of the setting up, streamlining, operations and output of these production facilities to see how different firms are beginning to find harmony between traditional construction and new manufacturing methodologies.

Explore the options and pick the right tour for your team:

Wednesday, February 5

Thursday, February 6

TDIndustries* Factory Blue TDIndustries* Modular Power Solutions
8-10.30 am: Novice Level

8-11 am: Novice Level 9-11 am

sold out

11 am-1 pm

sold out

1.30-4 pm: Advanced Level

2-4 pm

sold out

12-3 pm: Advanced Level 12-2 pm
4.30-6.30 pm: Baker Triangle

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End of Conference

*Wednesday’s TDIndustries sessions are repeated on Thursday, we recommend you only attend one.

***We advise against booking any tour that is back to back with another for fear of missing the start of the next!***


Novice – This tour is specifically catered to those who are starting out on their prefabrication journey, setting up a new facility, or are in the early years of developing their offsite construction capabilities.

Split into 4 groups, each attendee will rotate around a series of sessions that will discuss how TDIndustries transformed their traditional fabrication to modern prefab facility, streamlining effective methods of procedure, spotlight the end-to-end workflow of a complex multi-trade offsite construction project, and tour their upgraded facility, open only this year.

Advanced – If you are an experienced team looking to further streamline and optimize operations to make you a market leader, attend this tour to discuss strategies to make this happen and push the fold even further.

Split into 4 groups, each attendee will rotate around a series of sessions that will walk through upgrading your facility to incorporate cutting-edge technology and expand further your offsite capabilities, spotlight the end-to-end workflow of a complex multi-trade offsite construction project, tour the upgraded facility itself, and incorporate time for an interactive discussion with your fellow prefabrication leaders to discuss how we can help accelerate offsite construction and take the industry to the next level!


Split into 3 groups, each attendee will have the opportunity to walk through the Factory Blue facility, explore some of the work they have been doing to incorporate more complex prefabricated elements in renovation projects, as well as understanding how they have successfully incorporated vertical transportation elements into their capabilities.


This tour is perfect for any team looking to better understand or optimize their capabilities in prefabrication for exterior facades. You will not only discuss the different approaches and techniques Baker Triangle are currently leveraging across a wide rage of projects, you will also have a comprehensive tour through the state-of-the-art facility to see how quality and precision manufacturing is truly being achieved.

Modular Power Solutions

Taking place at the facility in Sherman, TX, this tour will take you to the Modular Power Solutions facility where you can understand how a leading provider of modular componentry is adopting extensive manufacturing methodologies and techniques to create state-of-the-art data centers for their clients. You’ll not only have time to walk through the existing facility that the team have been optimizing, but also explore the new upgraded space they will be using from early 2020. This is the tour for anyone wanting to move towards more complex modular construction.

All conference attendees will be able to attend one tour per location, unless times conflict.

All tours will be charged at $150 each. This will include transportation to and from the conference venue.

Take care! - Tours are filling up fast and are sold on a first come first served basis – so book now to avoid your team missing this amazing opportunity!