Exclusive Executives Focus Day

Building Your Firm’s Industrialized Construction Strategy

Tuesday, April 26

This strategic focus day will tackle the challenges for Company Leadership in formulating and driving organizational change when aspiring to be a company that excels in prefabrication and
modular construction.

This session is by approval only. Please indicate your interest during the registration process and Hanson Wade be in touch to confirm whether you are eligible to join the day.

Session One

9-10am Panel: Establishing the Foundations of an Organization Ready to Embrace Industrialized Construction

Jim Tavernelli, President & Chief Operating Officer, KLH Engineers

Stacy Scopano, Vice President, National Prefabrication & Manufacturing Director, JE Dunn Construction Company

Randee Herrin, Senior Vice President – Technology & Manufacturing, TDIndustries

Marc Paolicelli, Chief Customer Officer & SVP, RK Industries LLC

  • Understanding the full impact disruptive innovation will have on your organization
  • Discussing how core values of mutual respect, continuous improvement, customer-centricity and a focus on process can lay the foundations for success
  • Preparing your employees for change to ensure they are ready to embrace business transformation
  • Assessing your readiness: What are the signs that your organization is not ready to embrace industrialized construction and how can you overcome these roadblocks?
10-11am Defining Your Products & Mission to Develop Your IC Roadmap

Andrew Rener, President, Bouma Construction

Robert Snyder, CEO, Binsky & Snyder

  • Evaluating how the industry is driving towards more specialized product types and identifying your potential niche
    in the market
  • Using customer discovery to design products and services according to what your customers truly want
  • Mapping out the time and monetary investment required for transformation and the impact this will have on speed of change
  • Defining the why: What is the ‘why’ for your organization and defining this in a way that relates to your company’s established core purpose

Session Two

12-1pm Deploying Your Strategy & Managing Change to Effectively Embed New Direction

Jim Tavernelli, President & Chief Operating Officer, KLH Engineers

Justin Martin, President & CEO, Corbins Electric

  • Translating your mission into an actionable plan with meaningful short and long-term goals for employees at  every level
  • Utilizing the psychology of change to adapt the mindset of your employees and cement transformation
  • Creating change agents to champion development and innovation and make sure that initiatives remain front of mind, despite the day to day rush to get the job done
  • Developing a process to evaluate the success of strategy deployment and maturity of workflows
1-2pm Optimizing Your Organizational Structure to Integrate & Enable More Advanced IC

Michel Michno, CEO, Harris

Roger Krulak, CEO, FullStack Modular

  • Discussing the different roles and departments required for success with industrialized construction and how these
    differ from traditional construction firms
  • Mapping out a new departmental matrix to optimize how each function interrelates across the organization
  • Benchmarking hiring and retention strategies to get the right skills and personnel to fill these roles

Session Three

3-4pm Prefab 2.0: Uncovering New Product Models & Service Opportunities

Paul Doherty, President & CEO, The Digit Group

  • The value of prefab is being tested beyond the traditional business models that we have been comfortable with. New
    technologies, innovations, techniques, and workflows are challenging conventions, shifting values and providing new ways of providing services.
  • Reviewing the critical lessons learned from previous failed prefabrication and modular business models to inform prefab 2.0
  • Understanding the use of hybrid prefab business models and where companies are weeing most success withthis today
  • Identifying the value created by aftermarket services and how you can begin leveraging the right technologies to
    uncover these revenue streams
4-4.30pm Optimizing Processes, Building Resiliency & Creating Circularity in the Supply Chain

During this closing session we will take some time to discuss the key takeaways from the day and share how, as business
leaders, we can come together to create the resiliency and circularity required for a stable supply chain