Advancing Prefabrication: The Bootcamp | Tuesday, March 14

This track of workshops is dedicated to trade contractors just starting out on their prefab journeys and getting their operations off the ground.

Session One

From Big Idea to Department: How Do You Turn Your Vision Into a Reality?

  • Daniel Suehring Building Information Modeling & Prefabrication Manager, Sargent Electric Co.


  • Discussing the different triggers for investing in prefabrication capabilities
  • Evaluating how to translate a big idea or passion project into an impactful initiative for your organization
  • Harnessing field and senior management insight to create a compelling business case to strategically pursue prefabrication
  • You have your why, what’s next? Ensuring that you don’t lose early momentum and set up the workflows to get prefabricated components going out the door straight away

Panel: Discussing the Best Strategies to Secure Buy-In to Prefabrication Internally


  • Understanding common resistance points from different levels of the organization
  • Benchmarking the most impactful benefits and small early wins that you can utilize to begin turning heads
  • Building education programs and field champions to help disseminate the potential of prefabrication for projects and help familiarize your field teams with your capabilities

Session Two

Determining Where to Start: How Can We Leverage What We Already Have to Avoid a Large Upfront Investment?


  • Assessing the foundations of a prefabrication program that has the ability to scale quickly
  • Finding the right in-house talent to bring into your shop and act as ‘prefab champions’ across the organization
  • Ensuring you have a process to gather learnings from every project to feed into product development, leaning of workflows and cost benchmarking for your components

Panel: Discussing the Dos & Don’ts: What Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes Inexperienced Companies Make That You Should Avoid?

  • Trent Leinenbach Technology, Virtual Design & Construction Manager, North Mechanical Contracting Inc.
  • Joe Brooks VDC & Prefab Director, Electric Plus Inc.
  • Samuel Mundt Prefab Manager, Allison Smith Co.
  • Sam Revel Senior Pre-fabrication Manager, Pitt Meadows Plumbing
  • Carson Oeldrich Prefab Manager, Inglett & Stubbs


  • Sharing candid stories of where we went wrong to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes!
  • Highlighting the biggest surprises and realizations we had in the first few years of building our operation
  • Don’t run before you can walk: How do you know that the pace of change is right for your organization and how can you accelerate rate of change?

Session Three

Getting Your BIM Operation Off the Ground to Begin Scaling Prefab Efficiencies

  • Emmy Heikkila Design Engineer/Preconstruction PM, Performance Contracting Group


  • Understanding the maturity at which you need an in-house BIM resource to scale and drive efficiency: What can the benefits and drawbacks be of pulling that trigger early?
  • Building the business case to get your senior leadership bought in to investing in in-house VDC capabilities
  • Managing the transition from 2D to 3D for your organization through effective change management
  • Addressing the additional skillsets needed in a BIM department and where you can find the right talented pool of candidates

Case Study: Lessons Learned From Our Journey With Prefab


  • Discussing the foundations from which we built our prefab operation: What did we learn in our first year about the foundations required for success?
  • Mapping how the structure of our shop has evolved in the first three years and the fundamental stages we had to go through to evolve into a prefabrication facility
  • Reviewing the biggest cultural and integration hurdles within our organization, the mistakes we made, and how we have begun to tackle these issues
  • Reflecting on key stages of transition and the lessons we learned to help others expedite the process