8:00 am Conference Breakfast & Networking

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Amy Marks VP of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk

The Evolution of Prefabrication & Industrialized Construction

9:20 am Panel: Discovering How Clients Are Driving the Evolution of Industrialized Construction


  • Understanding how prefabrication is helping clients meet their goals beyond cost and schedule, such as ESG, building adaptability and safety
  • Envisioning the end goal for the development of industrialized construction: How do clients want to be able to buy from and interact with prefabricators?
  • Discussing how the supply chain needs to further develop to meet that vision, and the initial steps that need to be taken to set ourselves on the right path

10:00 am How Are the UK Transforming Design & Construction With a Platform Approach?


With the UK Government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) having published their ‘Transforming Infrastructure
Performance: Roadmap to 2030’ in recent months, the adoption of a platforms approach to design and construction for social
infrastructure is no longer going to be a choice – it will become a government-mandated requirement. But is the industry really
ready for this? And what will that mean for delivery of prefabrication and modular globally?

  •  Exploring the vision of the IPA for platform-based design and delivery of government assets
  • Understanding how industry silos have become a barrier to construction platforms and the roadmap to dissolving these silos: What are the new, consolidated roles in the supply chain and what are the next steps each stakeholder must take to take to capitalize on this shift?
  • Outlining the vision for a global digital marketplace, the tools and automation required for success and how this will transform the way projects are delivered in the next 10 years

10:40 am Unlocking Radical Profitability: Demand-Driven Product Development


  • Developing effective customer feedback methodologies to understand generalized demand-driven needs that can shape products and services
  • Analyzing your manufacturing workflow for intersections in customer needs and production feasibility
  • Exploring case studies of how large prefabricators and manufacturers have harnessed this data, insights and analysis to design optimized product lines

11:50 am Chair’s Morning Closing Remarks

  • Amy Marks VP of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk

12:00 pm Lunch Break

Track 1: Owner Programming, Playbook & Operational Considerations

Owner Programming, Playbook & Operational Considerations

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Preparing Your Organization to Enable Prefabrication

1.00 Fireside Chat: Uniting & Aligning All Internal Stakeholders to Enable Industrialization of Our Program

Amanda Gillespie, Global Program Strategy Lead | ICM Construction Innovation, Meta

1.45 Case Study: Revealing How Public Institutions Are Adapting Highly Regulated Markets to Realize the Benefits Prefabrication on Their Projects

Christopher Johnson, Design Manager, Department of Overseas Buildings Operations

Paul Frederickson, Senior Associate, SHoP Architects

3.00 Afternoon Refreshments

Developing Your Program & Playbook

3.45 Case Study: Building Our Prefab Playbook

Victoria Navarro, Regional Director of Planning, Design & Construction, Advocate Aurora Health

4.30 Working With Your Supply Chain to Achieve Productization

Clark Ellis, Principal, Continuum Advisory Group

5.15 Advancing Prefabrication 2022 Happy Hour

Track 2: IC Project Management: From Pre-Planning to Preconstruction
Track 3: Design Optimization, BIM & Data Management
Track 4: Transforming From Fab Shop to Manufacturing Facility
Track 5: IC Project Management: Transportation, Logistics & Assembly
Track 6: Volumetric Modular
Exhibition & Networking