7:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Amy Marks VP of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk

Creating Opportunities to Grow Adoption

7:10 am From Concept to Installation: Creating Hong Kong Disneyland Castle of Magical Dreams Using Prefabrication Principles in Uniquely Themed Environments


Revealing how we harnessed the latest technologies, processes and project delivery methods from schematic design through installation to maximize prefabrication

  • Uncovering how we gained regulatory approval on MiC structures
  • Overcoming the greatest challenges, constraints and lessons learned when employing systems-based thinking from the earliest concept through completion
  • What’s next? Discovering how we have continued to employ prefabrication strategies on our projects

8:00 am Exploring the Regional Differences in Prefab Adoption Today & Where the Biggest Opportunities Lie for Tomorrow

  • Steve Jones Senior Director, Industry Insights Research, Dodge Data & Analytics


  • Overviewing the regional differences in the types of, and extent to which, prefabrication and modular is being adopted across the US
  • Evaluating how challenges such as labor and material availability and cultural barriers are impacting the nature of prefabrication in each region
  • Determining the biggest opportunities opening up as a result, and how regional players are beginning to shape their offering to meet these needs

8:30 am Benchmarking Best practices for Digitizing Your Prefab Shop


  • Realize real-time prefab tracking through the shop and to the jobsite
  • Optimize your materials throughout the supply chain
  • Receive instant analytics for data-driven insights, visibility and control

9:00 am Panel: How Unions Are Working With Contractors to Embrace Prefabrication


  • What are some of the key concerns surrounding culture, labor and innovation for each trade when it comes to building prefab capabilities?
  • What are some of the most impactful initiatives unions and their most sophisticated contractors have to grow prefabrication?
  • How prefabrication can be leveraged to open doors for new, exciting opportunities to attract talent to the industry

9:40 am The Democratization of Design & 3D Printed Facades


Freeform 3D printing is a viable solution to provide limitless design opportunities for facades. Join this session to discover how thermal and product enhancements along with strategic partnerships provide a new tool for all designers to explore “outside the box.”

10:10 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Track 1: Owner Programming, Playbook & Operational Considerations

Owner Programming, Playbook & Operational Considerations

Download the Full Event Guide for full session details

Partnering for Prefabrication

11.00 Panel: Introducing Specific Goals & Incentives for Prefabrication on Projects to Support Growth Across Your Program

Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Data Centers

Maria Ciprazo, Director of Design & Construction, GSA

Bill Smith, Senior Project Executive, Banner Health

11.45 Sharing the Learnings From Finding the Right Strategy for Prefabrication in Retail Construction

John Moebes, Senior Director of Construction, Crate & Barrell

1.00 Lunch Break

Ensuring Consistency Across Your Program

2.00 Unpacking the Complexities of Contracting With Prefabricators: How Can the Liability of All Parties Be Protected?

Ronald Ciotti, Partner, Hinkley Allen

2.45 Becoming the Custodian of Supply Chain Transparency & Consistent, High-Quality Throughput on Your Project

Chris Heger, Chief Innovation Officer, OAC Services Inc

3.30 Afternoon Refreshments

Track 2: IC Project Management: From Pre-Planning to Preconstruction
Track 3: Design Optimization, BIM & Data Management
Track 4: Transforming From Fab Shop to Manufacturing Facility
Track 5: IC Project Management: Transportation, Logistics & Assembly
Track 6: Volumetric Modular
Exhibition & Networking

The Future of Project Delivery

4:10 pm Moving Towards New Standards for Prefab, the Code Adoption Cycle & Temporary Workarounds


  • Addressing the current challenges with code compliance for prefabrication, the case for a standardized prefab code and why it has not yet happened
  • Revealing the results of the Advanced Building Construction Initiative funded code studies to map out the critical steps for change and what this means for industry in the coming years
  • Discussing alternate strategies for complying with codes and the most impactful steps being taken by state and local jurisdictions to support the growth of prefab and modular

4:40 pm Panel: What Needs to Be Done to Optimize Project Delivery to Enable More Prefabrication & Modular Construction?

  • Bill Smith Senior Project Executive, Banner Health
  • Kelcey Henderson President, Continuum Advisory Group
  • Marin Pastar Global Technology Leader, Vertical Information Modelling, Jacobs
  • Ryan Fertig Head of Construction US Real Estate, Vestas
  • Jesse Davern Director Commercial Services, RK Mission Critical LLC


  • Evaluating the current modes of project delivery adopted by our industry and why they do not address the full reality of industrialized construction
  • Understanding how prefabrication is being introduced by contractors and trades under more traditional contracting methods
    and how this ‘broken’ system is negatively impacting the adoption of prefab across the industry
  • Discussing how evolving business models, digitalization and convergence across the AEC ecosystem is changing the nature of
    partnerships and agreements being made
  • Exploring the future of project delivery and what project delivery models need to look like to truly enable the collaboration,
    technology and workflows required for more ambitious industrialization: How do we get more traditional clients on board?

5:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Main Conference