Atkore ACS/Uni-Fab™

ACS/Uni-FabTM has been an industry leader in pre-fabrication device assemblies forover 30 years. Our fully engineered solution has been developed by an electrical contractor for electrical contractors; as an independent prefabber, we can build your assemblies to your exact specifications. Whether you are a small, medium or large size contractor, our labor and time saving solutions keep you competitive by keeping field terminations to a minimum. Contractors without pre-fabrication capabilities can now compete with those that have, while larger contractors with pre-fabrication resources can count on our support when project overflow and stringent deadlines are encountered. A typical installation using ACS/Uni-FabTM can be achieved in less than half the man hours of conventional wiring method. Our products lend themselves to work that is repetitive in nature such as hotels, dormitories, apartments/condominiums, assisted living facilities and many more; regardless of the project, let our qualified engineering team collaborate.