Amy Marks
Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism

Day One

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

9:30 am | Chair’s Opening Remarks

Day Two

Thursday, June 17, 2021

1:00 pm | Analyzing Global Trends: Where Do You Need to Go Next to Remove Roadblocks for Excellence?

Matt Gough
Director of Innovation

Salla Eckhardt
Director of Transformation Services

Stan Chiu
Director of Healthcare

Randee Herrin
SVP Manufacturing & Innovation

Rich Rozycki
Z Modular

Marin Pastar
Global Technology Leader, Vertical Information Modeling

Steve Rose
Corporate Director, Prefab & Packaging
Rosendin Electric

Rob Crotty
AVP Capital Productivity & Strategy
HCA Healthcare

Geoff Pitzer
Director of Estimating, Manufactured Systems
Clark Pacific

Sara Curry
VDC Director – National Healthcare
JE Dunn Construction Company

Day One

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

10:00 am | Building a Team to Challenge the Status Quo: How One Team Changed Structures, Agreements & Workflows to Truly Deliver Smarter, Faster & Higher Quality Offsite Construction

Gareth Alford
Technology Translation Lead

Oliver Jones
Chief Executive

Sandra Benson
Worldwide Head of Engineering, Construction & Real Estate
Amazon Web Services

Jim Barrett
Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer
Turner Construction Company

Stuart Muerer
Windover Construction

Paul Doherty
President & CEO
The Digit Group


Day Two

Thursday, June 17, 2021

4:40 pm | Panel: How Can the USA Take Global Lessons Learned & Truly Become a Leading Player on the Global Stage?

David Evans
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Starr Electric

Steve Wilson
Principal in Charge
HMC Architects

Craig Melograno
PDM Constructors

Chris Heger
Chief Innovation Officer
OAC Services Inc

Tony Fucinaro
Managing Principal
MCL Construction

Matt Keahey
National Vice President – Operations, Facilities, Energy & Construction
Medxcel Facilities Management

Kevin Dettling
Mid-Michigan Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President
Limbach Inc

Nancy Novak
Chief Innovation Officer
Compass Data Centers

Dr Garry Vermaas
Institutional Director
STONEPILE Construction College

Mark Drury
Mark Drury Vice President, Business Development
Shapiro & Duncan

Mike Wood
VP Planning, Design & Construction
Medxcel Facilities Management

Day Two

Thursday, June 17, 2021

8:10 am | Exploring the Potential for Offsite Construction Across Different Markets

Andrew Cortez
Vice President & Project Designer
HKS Architects

Paul Kirchoff
Chief Revenue Officer
Epsilon Industries

Alex Grace
Grace Construction Consultants

Jen Hancock
VP Collaborative Construction
Chandos Construction

Dan Medrano
McLaren Healthcare

Amr Raafat
Vice President of VDC & Technology
Windover Construction

John Turner
VP Innovative Solutions
Gafcon Inc.

Colby Swanson
Managing Director
Momentum Innovation Group

Douglas Lee
VP & Preconstruction Operations Manager
Brasfield & Gorrie

Matt Mitchell
Proset Construction

Chuck Gulledge
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Markku Allison
VP Strategy & Innovation
Chandos Construction

Tim Gunn
VP Construction
Alberici Constructors

Ron Ciotti
Hinkley Allen

Dafna Kaplan

Brian Sweeney
Director of Operations
Assembly OSM

Rob Fischer
Director of Membership
Construction Users Roundtable

Jake Snyder
Director of Preconstruction
Hoar Construction

Lonnie Cumpton
Senior Director – Industrialized Construction
Sanveo Inc.

Alex Jonovski
Director of Project Management
KLH Engineers

Chris Canter
Director of VDC & Fabrication
Shapiro & Duncan

John Buongiorno
Director, Modular Division
AXiS Construction

Dave Taylor
Director of Workforce Operations

Katie Wells
Director of Lean Construction
Brasfield & Gorrie

Scott Bridger
Proset Construction

Nelson Beaver
Director of Engineering Ops
The Brandt Companies LLC

Carel Van Houte

Raymond Pan
Design Principal
HMC Architects

Sean McGuire
Director, Innovative Technologies
Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

David Adelstein
Kirwin Norris

Heather Lancaster-Dilley
Director of Preconstruction & Project Engineering
Medxcel Facilities Management

Brandon Johnson
Director of Electrical Engineering
KLH Engineers

Corey Gill
Director of Production
Way Engineering

Alan Tai
Digital Design & Practice Leader
Island Exterior Fabricators

David Maser
Director of Construction Innovation
IMC Construction

Troy Tiddens
Modular Specialist

Perry Thompson
Lean Executive Director
Archkey Solutions

Shawn Maley
Senior Associate

Giovanni Giorgio
Senior Digital Engineer

Kelli Lubeley
BIM Manager
Cupertino Electric

Tim Wentz
Presidential Member (2016-2017)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Gloria Westgate
Chief Business Development Officer
Praxis Modular

Chuck Savage
Modular Design & Construction Lead
JC Elite Construction Services LLC

Daniel Clarke
Digital Fabrication Team Leader
Island Exterior Fabricators

Jody Seubert
Director of Prefabrication
Suburban Electric

Mark Bartlett
Regional Director

Colin Martin
Project Director
Barton Malow / Christman JV

Patrick Fernbach
Lead Associate, Mechanical Engineering, Software Team Leader
KLH Engineers

Dan Blanton
Director of Virtual Construction
Murphy Company

Suzie Hall
Founder & President
The Cornerstone Collective

Chip Parsley
Director of Prefabricated Solutions
Poynter Sheet Metal

Alan Todd
Senior VDC Director
Barton Malow / Christman JV

Mo Wright
Marketing Director
Gate Precast

Peter Majewski
Production Control Manager
MC Dean

Mark Palmer
Estimating Manager
Clark Pacific

Maria Laguarda-Mallo
Senior Project Manager
VIATechnik LLC

Eric Opstedahl
Prefab Manager
Helix Electric

Keith Berry
Senior Project Manager
Barton Malow / Christman JV

Tom Greenough

David Vander Tuin
Prefab Operations Manager

Bob Gallagher
MEP & Prefabrication Project Manager
Barton Malow/ Christman JV

Eric Van Hyfte
BOKA Powell

Mike Lawless

Stephen Gibson
Continuous Improvement Project Manager
IC Thomasson Associates

Peter Babaian
Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

Dillon Doyle
Field Support Services Manager
Rosendin Electric

Riley Mahaffey
Lochsa Engineering

Taylor Hamblett
Design Innovation & Integration Specialist
McCarthy Building Companies

Eric Wingelaar
Project Manager
Harley Ellis Devereaux

Chris Grey
Senior Project Manager – Building Technology
Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger

Aladdin Alwisy
Assistant Professor, ME Rinker School of Construction Management
University of Florida