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7:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


In an ever evolving market, it is important to recognize the hundreds of potential change agents in the room, the pace of growth of offsite construction, as well as the continuous challenges and barriers that we still face as an industry to determine current realities, and where we need to focus our efforts in the coming days. Therefore, as a group we will use this time to take an overview of why we are all coming together and really pushing prefab and modular with our industry: What is that ‘best value’ we are driving towards?

Defining the Business Case for the Industry

8:00 am Building a Team to Challenge the Status Quo: How One Team Changed Structures, Agreements & Workflows to Truly Deliver Smarter, Faster & Higher Quality Offsite Construction


  • Understanding how the entire team came together and were incentivized to operate in a cohesive and collaborative way throughout construction
  • Assessing the primary legacy functions that challenged the team and how they successfully revised traditional roles and responsibilities to establish a new workflow
  • Underlining how up front planning and alignment facilitated tighter tracking and visibility of the overall project impact in terms of schedule, cost and quality metrics: How did these compare to initial forecasts?
  • Highlighting the most effective initiatives that were developed on this project and how we intend to further develop these as the entire project team move forward together onto the next

9:00 am Exploring the Potential for Offsite Construction Across Different Markets


  • Discussing the primary motivations for each market in employing prefabrication and modular technology and how more teams can demonstrate the value of alternative construction methods to new owners in each market
  • Analyzing the various elements of design that can be standardized and repeated, and the service required from project partners to be able to achieve this
  • Determining the primary concerns and hurdles owners currently face in adopting more, more complex prefabrication and how they see this changing in the next 5 years

10:10 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Room 1: Single-Trade Prefabrication

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Preparing Your Team for Success

Streamlining Shop Operations

Streamlining Shop Operations

11.00 Panel: Working with Field Teams to Get Full Support & Buy-in to Champion Prefabrication on More Projects

Jeff Weir, VP, Kelso-Burnett

Steve Barnhill, VP Fabrication Services, Ivey Mechanical

David Scofield, Prefabrication & Design Manager,Questec Mechanical

1.20 Streamlining Set Up, Methods of Procedure, & Documentation to Provide the Most Effective Service to Internal Customers

James Hillegas, Prefabrication Manager, OCP Contractors

2.00 Addressing the Labor Shortage with eVolve MEP

David Ronson, Product Manager, eVolve MEP

Adam Heon, Electrical Segment Manager, eVolve MEP

3.50 Harnessing Manufacturing Technology to Streamline the Transfer of Information from the Model Through Every Aspect of Production & Installation

Lonnie Cumpton, VDC Manager, Faith Technologies

Nate Bevers, Product Line Analyst, Faith Technologies

11.40 Kick Starting Our Prefabrication Journey & Scaling for Success: What Do You Need to Do to Prepare Your Own Team for the Years to Come?

Tobias Hogan, Director of Agile Operations, Aldridge Electric

2.30 Setting up Your Production Line to Streamline the Flow of Material & Multiple Assemblies Through the Facility

Steve Rose, Corporate Director, Prefab & Packaging, Rosendin Electric

Dillon Doyle, Field Support Services Manager, Rosendin

4.30 Introducing Automation & Manufacturing to Offsite Construction Facilities: Where Do You Start?

Brent McPhail, President, Brave Control Solutions Inc

12.20 Lunch Break

3.10 Afternoon Refreshments

5.10 End of Day One

Room 2: Multi-Trade Prefabrication

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Initiating Multi-Trade Collaborationgredgg

Improving Co-ordination of Multiple Trades

Improving Co-ordination of Multiple Trades htrh

11.00 Initiating Prefabrication When Unspecified in the Initial Project Scope

Ryan Bandel, VP Build Operations, Lighthouse Electric

1.20 Breakouts: Defining Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors to Ensure Consideration of Every Element of the Building

3.50 Breakouts: Improving Integration of Models & Software Platforms to Streamline Workflows

11.40 Sharing Lessons Learned from the McLaren Greater Lansing Project: How Did Early Collaboration Enable Us to Overcome Inexperience & Achieve More Complex Prefabrication?

Dan Medrano, VP Facilities Management, McLaren Healthcare

Colin Martin, Project Director, Barton Malow

Alan Todd, VDC Manager, Barton Malow

Bob Gallagher, Project Manager, Barton Malow

Keith Berry, Project Manager, The Christman Company

2.00 An Owners Perspective: Harnessing Construction Technology & Manufacturing Principles to De-Risk Prefabrication Throughout Design & Construction

Chris Heger, Chief Innovation Officer, OAC Services Inc

4.30 Case Study: Taking Lessons Learned from Identical Buildings in the Planning Phase to Reduce Labor Costs on Future Phases

Paul Denham, President, Southern Air

12.20 Lunch Break

3.10 Afternoon Refreshments

5.10 End of Day One

Room 3: Strategy & Culture: Embedding Prefabrication in Your Organization

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Defining the Opportunity

Scaling Your Program

Scaling Your Program

11.00 Taking Lessons Learned from Other Industries to Improve Your Production Strategy

Bradley Lukanic, CEO, CannonDesign


1.20 Achieving Full Commitment of the Entire Company to Promote Offsite Construction Capabilities

James Barrett, Chief Innovation Officer, Turner Construction

Mark Boyle, SVP, Turner Construction


3.50 Exploring How a Traditional Trade Contractor Can Become a Player in the Modular Market

Don Flight, VP Construction, The Hill Group

David Pikey, VP Corporate Technology, The Hill Group

Kari Holtz, Modular Construction Business Unit Lead, The Hill Group


11.40 Panel: Understanding How Offsite Construction Capabilities Can Become Your Industry Differentiator & Win More Work

Paul Kirchoff, Chief Revenue Officer, Epsilon Industries

Bryan McCaffrey, Project Executive, DPR Construction

Roger Krulak, CEO, FullStack Modular

John Buongiorno, Director, Modular Division, AXIS Construction

2.00 Standardizing the Planning Process to Ensure Quality & Consistency Across Every Project

Ryan Hoggatt, Director of Manufacturing, University Mechanical Contractors Inc.

4.30 Panel: Determining the Best Path for Your Organization: Specialization or Maximizing Opportunities on Each Individual Project?

Greg Fuller, President, North Mechanical Contracting Inc

Bryan McCaffrey, Project Executive, DPR Construction

12.20 Lunch Break

3.10 Afternoon Refreshments

5.10 End of Day One

Room 4: Modular

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Getting Industry Support

Managing the Growing Demand

Managing the Growing Demand

11.00 Panel: Creating Your Modular ‘Sales Pitch’ to Successfully Change Industry Paradigms

Rich Rozycki, SVP, Z Modular

Greg Fuller, President, North Mechanical Contracting Inc

Bryan Ferry, President, InMod Construction

Christian Lawrence, Founder & CEO, Rise Modular

1.20 The Owner’s Story: Lessons Learned in the Early Stages of Our Modular Journey

Michael Argir, CEO, Medxcel Facilities Management

Michael Wood, VP Construction, Medxcel Facilities Management

3.50 Setting up Designs for Success: How Can You Help Your Architects Transform a Set of Schematic Designs into a Detailed Plan for Modularization?

Mitch Hovaldt, Director of Engineering & Design, Guerdon Modular Buildings

11.40 Benchmarking Best Practices to Integrate Modular Companies with Traditional Project Partners

John Beddows, President & CEO, Guerdon Modular Buildings

2.00 Generation Atlanta: Defining the Opportunity & Creating Agile Workflows with the Project Team to Ensure Success with Offsite Construction in a 17 Storey Apartment Block

Keith Stocker, Director of Business Development, Prescient Co

2.40 Working Directly with Manufacturers to Optimize Results

Mike Heppell, President & CEO, Mayne Inc

4.30 Maturing the Modular Industry: What Will Be Your Role in the New DMC Supply Chain?

Chris Giattina, CEO, BLOX

12.20 Lunch Break

3.10 Afternoon Refreshments

5.10 End of Day One

Room 5: Planning & Design

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Getting Started in the Right Way

Setting up the Team For Success

Setting up the Team For Success

11.00 Panel: Defining the Decision Making Process to Educate Clients in How They Can Ensure Best Value Is Achieved

Chris Hirst, SVP Construction, CBG Building Company

Craig Webber, Principal, Group2 Architecture

Sean Williams, Design Phase Executive, GE Johnson

Keith Stocker, Director of Business Development, Prescient Co.

Maria Laguarda-Mallo, Project Manager, VIATechnik LLC

1.20 Selecting Partners & Establishing a Team with the Greatest Chance for Success

Sean Williams, Design Phase Executive, GE Johnson                                                   

Greg Morgan, Preconstruction Manager, GE Johnson


3.50 Optimizing the Introduction of All Partners into the Design Process

Rob Crotty, AVP Capital Productivity & Strategy, HCA                                                 

Ken Kulaga, Construction Director, HCA

11.40 Rethinking Financing & Contracting for Offsite Construction

Sanat Patel, Managing Partner, AVANA Capital                                     

Kyung Kim, SVP Franchise & Strategic Markets, AVANA Capital

2.00 Being an Effective Leader: How Can Owners Best Establish Expectations & Drive Collaboration from Day One

Dale Stern, Vice President, MGAC Hospitality

4 .30 Exploring How Prefabrication & Modular Construction Changes Project Engineering

Mark Orsini, PE, SE, Principal, O’Donnell & Naccarato

Jim Behler, PE, SECB, Principal, O’Donnell & Naccerato

12.20 Lunch Break

3.10 Afternoon Refreshments

5.10 End of Day One